Climate Scandals: List Of 94 Climate-Gates



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22 Comments on “Climate Scandals: List Of 94 Climate-Gates”

  1. Brian H Says:

    Urk. I think I’m OD’d! When is too many enough?

    • pgosselin Says:

      Sorry, I know this is hard to take. In any other field, the leaders would be fired, tar and feathered and be made to run through the gauntlet in the public square, and then run out of town. But this is climate science from the ivory tower, and so everything goes.

  2. Spence_UK Says:

    Another one for the list?

    When I saw “Oreskes-gate”, I was reminded of “Oreskes Gate Part 2”. This happened when Naomi Oreskes and Jonathon Renouf concocted a ludicrous conspiracy theory about Ronald Reagan and William Nierenberg colluding to suppress the dangers of climate change. Oreskes engaged in her typical climate science revisionism, manufacturing more than reporting historical events. The Times published the article (in part to promote Renouf’s new alarmist documentary). They had to publish a correction and a rebuttal when it become obvious that the evidence contradicted their conspiracy theory. Links below. See for more details.

    (Sorry if this is on the list elsewhere, but I couldn’t see it on a scan-through)

    Original article
    Rebuttal by the late William Nierenberg’s son, Nicolas Nierenberg

  3. David K Says:

    You mean the FakeGates?

    Reply: Nice little start you got there. Boah! impressive. -PG

    • Interglacial John Says:

      DK, the “FakeGates” article you refer to is a sad attempt to disinform the public over the half truths and whole lies the warmists have been pushing. And it is not just me saying that, check with Judith Curry, one of Romms former favorite go to gals. Those who have been throwing around the “denier” moniker are now assuming that role, denying their mistakes and misdeeds.

      • David K Says:

        You might want to get your facts straight on Judith Curry. And the FakeGates. And pretty much everything else.

    • Interglacial John Says:

      Quoting Judith Curry… “JC: My hypothesis is that the level of vitriol in the climate blogs reflects the last gasp of those who thought they could influence national and international energy policy through the power politics of climate science expertise. The politics of expertise is about how scientific information is used in the policy making process, including how diverging viewpoints are interpreted and how science is weighed relative to values and politics in the policy debate.  The problem comes in when the “power” politics of expertise are played.  Signals of the “power” play include: hiding uncertainties and never admitting a mistake; developing a consensus with a high level of confidence; demanding that the consensus receive extreme deference relative to other view points; insisting that that science demands a particular policy; discrediting scientists holding other view points by dismissing them as cranks, trivializing their credentials and say that they are not qualified to hold an opinion; and attacking the motives of anyone that challenges the consensus. Sound familiar?  In the case of climate change, the authoritarianism of “science tells us we should . . . ”  could not withstand the public perception of scientists engaging with pressure groups, lack of transparency that meant people were unable to evaluate the information themselves, and then the climategate affair that raised questions about the integrity of the scientists.”

      Looks like all the facts are pretty straight. Right from the horses mouth and not the other end, my friend. But please, feel free to set me straight anytime.

      Reply; Amen! -PG!

  4. pgosselin Says:

    Judith Curry – that sure is one heck of a Defection. That’s really got to hurt. Odds are good this will turn into a “gate” once the thought-controllers go after her.
    They really ought to ask Judith why her thinking progressed.

  5. johnosullivan Says:

    You missed Czechgate- Google it and see that the Central European Temperature: Climate scientists dump world’s second oldest ‘cold’ climate record

    Reply: Thanks! I’ll add it to the next list, which will come out at the end of the year. -PG

  6. Joe Says:

    BBCgate ?

    Reply: Which one? – PG

  7. Ed Says:

    This is excellent – well done!

  8. What is your email because I would like to include this list in
    Reply: My e-mail address is given under the “Contact” button. You may reproduce the first 10 “gates” of the list followed by a link to this site. -PG

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  10. Anthony Orlando Says:

    This is conterproductive. So what that our governments (who are people) are using this to make money. UIn fact, so are the people with blogs making a name by repeating this “no problem” garbage.

    Business is making a footprint on this earth and thus affecting the delicate nature of all things that mesh together and rely on each other in symbiotic relationships. It is not just the weather, although I see so many people listing events that show news where areas are getting colder than usual thus implying there is no “Global warming”. It has always been called (for the most part) “Global Climate Change” which means it is not just cold weather. look at the acidity of the oceans, over fishing, viruses which form in new changing climates, droughts, excessive rain, pollution, oil leaked all over the place, pesticides going down the river to our oceans, and so on. You could even add other misbehaviors of business such as the introduction of sugars to our diet and diabetes and other non health items we use or consume. It is a mess of irresponibility, so why focus on just the small thing of business using this fiasco to make more money. I call all you people who are stuck in the rutt of pointing out that there is no affect on weather by people. I call you all on YOUR behavior, that allows us not to address the problem, thus getting in the way of change and responibility; I call you all cowards of the most stupid nature. Suggest you revert your learning to more simple concepts such as reading the quotes from Dr. Suess on Wikiquotes.

    Timothy Leary – Wikiquote, Individual societies begin in harmonious adaptation to the environment and, like individuals, quickly get trapped into nonadaptive, artificial, repetitive sequences.
    When the individual’s behavior and consciousness get hooked to a routine sequence of external actions, he is a dead robot, and it is time for him to die and be reborn. Time to “drop out,” “turn on,” and “tune in.” This period of robotization is called the Kali Yuga, the Age of Strife and Empire…

    Nikos Kazantzakis – Wikiquote, Behind the stream of my mind and body, behind the stream of my race and all mankind, behind the stream of plants and animals, I watch with trembling the Invisible, treading on all visible things and ascending.
    Behind his heavy and blood-splattered feet I hear all living things being trampled on and crushed.
    His face is without laughter, dark and silent, beyond joy and sorrow, beyond hope.

  11. Brian H Says:

    How about “Proxy-gate”? Tree rings bite back.

    Seems the Czechs and Russians are finding a much better solar-ring than CO2-ring correspondence. Oops!

  12. MikeA Says:

    Well now you’ve got to 94 you’ve got to get to a hundred
    what about the dutch sea levels “Sluice Gate”

  13. The math behind “global warming” isn’t there. Keeping people ignorant of the mathematics is an important part of their strategy for control. A populace that is good at math is hard to fool…

    Keep up the good work.

  14. Brian H Says:

    Tony O;
    nice collection of straw men! None pertinent to faking climate predictions in order to impose top-down draconian constraints on energy production and use, the basic survival requirement for every pauper and rich man on the planet. That deceptive power-grab is at the core of the dispute.

    I guess you’re OK with self-appointed self-righteous global tyrants, are you?

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  17. […] NPOESS (National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite) will not have any sensors that measure the sun’s energy output on the 2nd and 4th satellites. […]

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