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Judith Lean Forgets Clouds, Water Vapour And Longer-Term Ocean Oscillations As Factors

July 28, 2010

Some of you will recall this pretty face we saw a couple of months ago.

We got to know her herehere and here. The IPCC based solar impact on climate on the “consensus of a single astronomer, who agreed with herself”.

In March, 2008, Dr. Lean made a presentation on global warming, see the following video link:

It kind of surprises me (and yet it doesn’t) that she doesn’t even mention water vapour as a greenhouse gas. She neglects to mention the PDO as well, looking only at the small timescale El Ninos and La Ninas.

She also completely ignores clouds as a factor effecting the temperature of the earth.

I guess the models are getting simpler and simpler (I mean the climate models).

Okay, it appears this video is not complete, and so I’ll hold back judgement.