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Pacific Islands – Are Growing!

June 3, 2010

Just the latest AGW PR scam

Even the prominent German online DIE WELT reports here that Pacific islands are not in danger because they are growing and keeping ahead of rising sea levels. When Germany starts reporting such things, then you know the warmists are sinking fast.

According to a very basic but indisputable study, scientists Paul Kench of the University of Auckland and Arthur Webb of the Geosciences Commission of the Fiji Islands simply compared aerial photographs of 27 islands taken in the 1950s and compared them to satellite photos and determined that only 4 islands have gotten smaller. DIE WELT reports:  

Climate change and rising sea levels have no effect because many Pacific islands have been  growing over the last 60 years, rather than sinking. That’s the result of a study that contradicts all expectations, reports the British magazine New Scientist.  

23 islands were as big or even bigger.  

So you mean the Pacific islands aren’t sinking! Afraid not. You AGW alarmists have been screwed again.  

The islands are growing because they are made up of dying coral reefs. The coral reefs are living organisms, and so they keep reproducing and thus keep adding more material to the ever-growing islands.  

Webb also notes that hurricane Bebe washed roughly 140 hectares of sediment onto the island, increasing its size by a whopping 10% in a single shot. Now there’s new beachfront property for the island. DIE WELT writes:  

The study shows that rising sea levels don’t always threaten these islands. ‘Everyone claimed that sea levels are rising and the islands are drowning. But they are not. Sea levels are rising, but the islands are responding accordingly.’ 

But the scientists warn!! 

If the sea level rises more quickly, then sediment accumulation will not keep up and the islands will drown.  

Really? Well, I’m sure the inhabitants are just shaking at the knees. Don’t count on it. As the islands continue to grow, they are most likely laughing at the rest of the world, for having suckered it with yet another phony scare story.

And German readers read here: Royal Society Turns Its Back On Climate Hysteria.

Run! Seas Rising 49 Microns Per Year

April 29, 2010

Melting sea ice is causing sea levels to rise 49 micorons per year (3/16 of an inch over 100 years), according to research published in Geophysical Research Letters. Read more here:

Where’s The Acceleration?

April 14, 2010

Eduardo at Hans von Storch’s website has a short piece on sea level rise, asking: “Where’s the acceleration?”  That’s a good question. Eduardo goes on to say:

For those of you who may be wondering, this fit implies a 95% probability for 35 cm or less of sea-level rise in 2100.

Eduardo warns, however, that one should not take this too seriously. But I think you can certainly take him more seriously than the projected sea level rises of 1 or 2 meters over the next 100 years.  I have yet to find a single scientist willing to put his money down on a sea level rise of 6+ mm/ year over the next 10 years. Not one.