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John Kerry’s Enviro-Vessel With 10,000-Liter Fuel Tank

July 27, 2010

John Kerry is a co-sponsor of the latest Cap & Trade bill, which thank God has been put off indefinitely. The bill, should it become law, God forbid, would force all working Americans to pay more for energy and to live more humbly.

But living humbly and paying more taxes to the government applies only to the little guys. For the rich, elite and privileged, like Kerry, they’d continue to fly around in private jets, be chauffeured in limousines and frolic the seas in big yachts. Watch Kerry’s reaction when confronted about skirting Massachusetts taxes by birthing his new 76 foot $7 million yacht in Rhode Island:


By berthing the yacht in Rhode Island, Kerry skirts paying nearly $450,000 in sales tax and a yearly $70,000 excise tax bill to his own home state. Look at how pissy he gets when confronted by the media.

Worse, Kerry, who claims to be fighting for American jobs, had the yacht built in New Zealand. The same yacht could have been built at a yard in his own state of Massachusetts. So much for American jobs. And what about environmental friendliness?

What does a 76-foot yacht include?

According to the Boston Herald, Kerry’s yacht has two cabins, a pilot house fitted with a wet bar and cold wine storage.

I wasn’t able to get further specific information on Kerry’s yacht, but looking at other typical 76-foot yachts on the market, we find that they are far from spartan. Take this 76-foot Monte Fino for only $2,450,000 – a real bargain when compared to Kerry’s $7 million cruiser. The Monte Fino includes a 10,000 liter diesel fuel tank, 1500 hp twin engines and is filled with high-tech electronic doo-dads.

God knows what Kerry got for his $7 million.

Kerry spokesman David Wade said Friday the boat is being kept at Newport Shipyard not to evade taxes, but “for long-term maintenance, upkeep and charter purposes.”

John Kerry is married to Theresa Heinz, who is millionaire heiress to the Heinz ketchup fortune, and is a philanthropist and environmentalist.

When you’re rich, you can do things like this. It’s okay. But these rich people should not be making it much harder for the rest of us to make ends meet.

When confronted by the media in the above clip, Kerry defends berthing the floating palace in tax-haven Rhode island, claiming he is paying his taxes. Then he scuttles away – not on a bicycle or in a hybrid car – but in a chauffeured SUV.

“Can I get outa here please!”, he orders his chauffeur.

And let’s not forget Sen. Jeff Greene and 145 ft yacht dragging anchor through coral reef:

Just For The Record: Thomas Friedmann:

July 21, 2010

Socio-eco warrior Friedman's humble abode.

Thanks to Tom Nelson for posting this. Thomas L. Friedman has earned a spot in my category: Lifestyles of the Rich and Alarmists. Normally I avoid riding on the coattails of other blogs,  but this time I’ll make an exception.

If  Thomas Friedman walked around barefoot preaching his gospel like Kung Fu did, then I’d have a lot more respect for the guy. Now I have zero respect.  Like most environmental hypocrites, it’s: “do as I say, and not as I do”. But hey, they’re entitled to live like kings for all the important work they do in rescuing man and the planet.

 The rest of us? Well we don’t really do anything important. All we do is impact the environment, and thus we ought to be relegated back to the mud and rice fields.

It never fails. Take almost any Hollywood star or elite left-winger, and you’ll see their environmental activism is invariably proportional to their wealth, A = kW. The same equation applies for their hypocrisy: H=kW, where k > 10.

Let’s take a look at some of the eco-features of his spread.

1. The pool looks to be about 30′ x 70′, no solar heating for it.
2. The asphalt 2-lane driveway is large and wide enough for a stretch limo to easily curve around.
3. No solar panels on the roof. The place is a virtual heat sink.
4. Judging from the angle of the sun and season, the house faces southwest, yet does nothing to take advantage of that. The south-facing windows are even modest in size. 
5. Lots of carbon-storing trees were cleared away.
6. I count 3 chimneys – lots of heating.
7. There’s got to be at least 8 bathrooms in the place, who knows how many heated jacuzzis.
8. Even the white car parked outside doesn’t look like a hybrid.

It certainly tops Al Gore’s mansion (the one in Tennessee). But who knows, maybe he takes the hybrid once a week.

Enviro-DiCaprio’s Private Jet Contributes To Air Traffic Chaos At World Cup

July 8, 2010

Here’s another from the “do as I say, and not as I do” hypocrites department. It’s World Cup time in South Africa and the world’s biggest sporting event is attracting the world’s biggest names (and environmentalists). 

The Financial Times has a report here on air traffic congestion caused by too many private jets flying to and from Durban, South Africa, all thanks in large part to celebrities and leaders; some of whom are well-known for environmental activism. Angela Merkel for example made the flight from Germany to South Africa to watch Germany’s quarterfinal game. Bill Clinton attended some USA matches.

But Leonardo DiCaprio emerges as the World Cup champion hypocrite. Enviro-Dicaprio thinks its okay to jet-set between his mansions, sporting events and Las Vegas nightclubs with Paris Hilton, after making his bust enviro-drama documentary, which admonishes the rest of the world to live more modestly.

Indeed, congestion caused by the environmentally destructive private jet traffic in Durban got so bad that it caused additional environmentally destructive rerouting of commercial jets. According to the Financial Times

The situation was described as “absolute chaos” by the pilot of one British Airways flight which took off from Cape Town in mid-afternoon but was diverted to Johannesburg. 

The BA pilot added: 

…that the problem was caused by the airport allowing too many private jets to land at Durban, leaving the runways clogged up and unable to accept scheduled flights. 

The BA pilot also 

…told passengers he had no choice but to take the plane to Johannesburg because the plane’s fuel was starting to run low. 

Flights had to be rerouted to Johannesburg so as not to interfere with the travelling celebrities. 

The baggage hall at OR Tambo international airport in Johannesburg was filled with scores of angry fans, some of whom said they had spent up to R10,000 ($1,300) for their semi final tickets. 

Media: No Evidence, No Crime. Let’s All Move Along.

June 24, 2010

I must admit I’m in a bit of shock reading this stuff, especially full police report about Al Gore’s alleged behaviour. I’m not going to draw any conclusion right now. It’s all too stunning, if it’s true.

The other climate blogs have not written a word about it so far. Maybe they want to be extra careful, which is understandable. But then again, Drudge plasters the story as its big headline for the day. Matt Drudge has been in business for years, and surely he’s done his homework. Maybe it’s to encourage other victims to speak out, if there are any.

I read the entire police report and it is shocking – really. Will other women come forward? Is it all a hoax? We’re not talking about Mike Tyson or Kobe Bryant here. We’re talking about the former VP of the USA and the prophet of AGW.


UPDATE; Germany’s top tabloid Bild reports here (German).

Al Gore: Massaging More Than Data?

June 24, 2010

Ritzy hotels and $540 massages

I know I shouldn’t go here, but the temptation is just too strong. I’ll let the readers make up their own minds. Here are some links to read. But do research more. 

UPDATE 1: Oh! Oh! Drudge has got Gore as the big headline.

1. Serious accusations
2. 3 reasons not to believe the accusations
3. $540 massage(?) at ritzy hotel
4. Gore assault NYT 

This eventually will boil down to the question: Can we really trust Al Gore? We saw how far he took the level of propaganda in his AIT film, which was carefully crafted to pull at the heart-strings and to mislead viewers. It was slammed by a British High Court. His jet-setting, mansion-buying lifestyle is in complete contradiction to what he preaches. He constantly ducks debate and keeps his head in the sand.
Not long ago he separated from his wife, indicating possible breach of trust in the relationship. He once claimed to have invented the internet. Just how believable is this guy? 

My personal opinion is that Gore is as great a fraud as one will ever find, and he’s living high on the hog because of it. But that’s just my opinion, which is based on the so many words that have come out of his mouth and on his actions. 

Indeed this has the potential to be much bigger than Climategate. 

“But what does that have to do with the science,” one may ask? Gore is not a scientist, but he is a big messenger who has a message he wants (demands) everybody to believe. And it so happens that he has a huge interest in that message. 

Look for the media to build a massive bulwark around Gore, and to come out blasting with everything they’ve got. 

Cameron’s Hypocritical Climate Crusade

April 28, 2010

Recently Hollywood director James Cameron participated in a panel discussion together with economist Tom Friedman, actress Sigourney Weaver, and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. Cameron called Climate Change ‘As Great As The Threat’ U.S. Faced in World War II. To me, watching some Hollywood stars give advice on saving the planet is like watching lumberjacks talk about how to do heart surgery. In both cases the result is the same: the patient dies.

Cameron’s humble abode

Climate protection starts at home. According to more than one source. Cameron’s humbe abode has 8,272 square feet and boasts 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, pool, tennis court and inner courtyard fit for Hollywood royalty – perfect to sit around in with like-minded stars and worry about the “dying planet”, all the while the private jet sits on the tarmac getting refuelled and the chauffeured limousine waits outside. (scroll down)

Making everyone miserable

Perhaps Cameron’s arrogance, hypocrisy and insistence the rest of the working masses sacrifice more while he continues to live high on the hog has something to do with a character disorder.  According to Wikipedia collaborator and author Orson Scott Card calls Cameron, who has been married five times, selfish and cruel. He said working with him was “hell on wheels”.  Card added, “He was very nice to me because I could afford to walk away. But he made everyone around him miserable, and his unkindness did nothing to improve the film in any way”.

Cameron’s real estate visions: community of a half dozen estates