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More Masseurs Come Forward

July 22, 2010

I know the other uptown climate sceptic blogs don’t want to get anywhere near this red-hot potato of a topic, as the details are explosive, too sketchy and the sources are to some extent dubious. Caution has to be exercised  in drawing conclusions. It’s far too early for that.

But where there’s smoke, there’s fire.  I committed myself to keep people posted on the story. I’m not just going to sit here and “suck it up”. My hunch tells me it’s going to boil over. I may be wrong, but two more big puffs of smoke have just billowed up.

The National Enquirer, yes, a yellow journal, has reported that two more lady masseurs have come forward, claiming Al Gore behaved very inappropriately, read NY Post report.

In the first case that came to light late June, masseur Molly Hagerty said in a 2009 police report that she felt Gore had done this many times before, meaning other women had probably endured the same. If Hagerty was just a fraud, then no other women would come forward.

Now 2 more women are reported coming forward and claiming abuse by Gore.

One incident took place at a Beverly Hills luxury hotel when Gore attended the Oscars in 2007. The second allegedly occurred a year later at a Tokyo hotel. This would confirm Hagerty’s suspicions.

I read the entire police report made by Hagerty, and it seemed to me implausible that someone would make up such an elaborate story.

And although tabloids like the National Enquirer are known for untrustworthy stories, would they go after someone like Gore without having real substance? You can screw up a story on a Hollywood diva, but wouldn’t you make damn sure you have your facts straight if you go after the former VP of the United States, Nobel Peace Prize,  Oscar winner, a figure with that kind of influential muscle?

The New York Post writes:

The probe threatens to engulf Gore deeper into a sex scandal once thought unthinkable for the Nobel prize winner who built up an image as a doting husband and family man who fell in love with his wife at the high school prom and lived happily ever after.

Another reason I think the story has substance is because of what Gore has said and done in the past. AIT was carefully crafted to deceive, and so it says a lot. His words say a lot. This is not a man playing with a full deck, in my view.

Who really betrayed the country?

Eventually these things have a way of getting out of control. Global warming is already having enough trouble surviving Climate-gate. This Gore story could put the whole damn thing away for good.

Will more women step forward?

Just Suck It Up; Otherwise The World Is Going To Be Destroyed By Global Warming

June 30, 2010

How long have we been hearing this kind of talk from alarmists? How often are we told that we have to make lots of sacrifices and give governments unlimited power – otherwise the earth will be destroyed? The answer is: almost everyday.

High energy taxes, loss of freedom, massive regulation, constant monitoring, surveillance over how we do things will be huge inconveniences; but it’s necessary, and so just suck it up.

Can’t you see all the destruction all over the planet? It’s spreading everywhere, and soon it will be at your doorstep, unless of course you suck it up and give them the power they need.

I ask,  just what kind of person does one have to be to heed that kind of advice? Pretty clueless I think.

 Just suck it up, otherwise the planet is going to be destroyed

I know as a climate-blogger I’m going out on a limb with this. But I got a feeling we have not heard the end of this story by any means. Where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire. My eyes and ears are perked.

I can understand the other climate blogs not wanting to touch this with a 10-foot pole, claiming whatever righteous reason. But I think someone has to observe and report on this. I got a hunch, and I#m going to follow it..

I happen to think Al Gore is not an okay person, and so it would not surprise me if this story turns out to be true. I’m not saying the story and allegations are true. Yellow journalism and the such are not what I draw my conclusions on. That’s for the IPCC to use (before asking us to suck it up).

The problem is that Al Gore unwittingly revealed a lot about himself and his movement when he made the film AIT. The film was carefully designed to mislead and manipulate its viewers in a mean kind of way. And it was carefully crafted to demonize anyone who refused to fall in line. It uses bully psychology.

Does AIT show any respect for the very element that is needed for science to progress? The answer is of course: none whatsoever!  There was absolutely zero tolerance for sceptical views. Sceptics were ridiculed, mocked and called flat-earthers, and other nasty things.

There are lots of other things in the film that are troublesome, which speak volumes about the persons involved in making it. Of course some involved were just gullible and innocently believed the rubbish.

And let’s not even discuss how Gore lives his life, his business ventures, and so on. These also speak volumes about what kind of guy he is. To me it’s crystal clear. Gore in the film is a pretty bitter and quite peeved chap and he’s capable of a lot of things. 

But we’ll see how the story turns out soon enough. I’m not going to stop blogging about it until the story ends and the (inconvenient?) truth is out.

And my feeling is that the other climate bloggers will be joining in with the commentary before too long. Like it or not, it’s a climate story. But, my hunches could be wrong.


Update: By yellow journalism, I don’t mean the Examiner, rather the Nation Enquirer, who broke the story, and whose website for whatever reason I can’t access from Germany.

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