I’m a US citizen who received an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering at Vermont Technical College and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Now I live in northern Germany and run a small business with my wife, the owner, that services industry. I’ve always been a sceptic of the AGW hypothesis, and view myself as a mere spectator in the climate change debate and arena.

      I do believe that the activities of man have an impact on the environment, but more through landuse and poor waste management practices. I believe, however,  that the forces of nature greatly overwhelm anything the activities of man put out. The focus of policy and resources ought to be on solving problems that exist today like water pollution, poverty, mal-nutrition, urban squalor, education, tyranny and so on, and not on thought-up catastrophe scenarios that might or might not come to pass 100 years from now. Too many governments use AGW as an excuse for their policy failures – claiming all problems are due to AGW, and not their own often stupid policies.

      This blog allows me to throw in my two cents worth from time to time. I’m not funded by anyone accept by my own modest means. I don’t have a tip jar and don’t care to receive anyone else’s money. This is strictly for fun and learning.

3 Comments on “About”

  1. Brian H Says:

    Hi, P.G.;

    Here’s something you might like to track, as it has the potential to IED the apple cart and reduce its contents to apple sauce.

    Lawrenceville Plasma Physics, of NJ, is moving fast towards confirmation of its design for small-scale fusion. You can track it at focusfusion.org and/or lawrencevilleplasmaphysics.com . The short-form story is that it got private and private foundation funding in late ’08 sufficient to embark on proof-of-concept testing, and is well along in that. The timeline is to come up with a universally licensable design within a few years (3-5).

    It would be a mass-produceable generator, about 5 MW, using the p-B11 cycle. It is aneutronic, non-thermal, and its ‘ash’ is just He4. Mass production cost of each one is expected to be around $250,000, or $0.05/W capacity. Output will cost about 0.1 – 0.3¢/kwh. Both figures are so spectacular that I think the Greenscams, CO2 ‘problem’, and pollution issues will simply die of economic starvation.

    Lots of interesting new progress reports on the sites.

    Unity using the D-D test fuel is expected later this year, and then on to the pB tests!

    Let me know what you think!

    • pgosselin Says:

      Thanks Brian,
      If this is true and success is attained, then of course it would solve a lot of problems. More money ought to flow in researching and developing this, and far less wasted on phony climate science.

  2. Brian H Says:

    I guess I’d be in favor of a no-strings government grant, but doubt there is such a thing. Failing that, the current private funding route (individuals and foundations) is far safer.

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