Moving To A New Domain!

Dear Readers,

Now is the time to move to a new domain with WordPress. Our new site is:

This is where we will continue blogging. This old site here will remain, but will not be used for new posts.

Moving to a new domain is a lot of work, and so blogging over the next few days will be slow. Fortunately I have a good mate who has taken me through this important step.

New new domain will enable many new features and allow readers to easily subscribe using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, RSS and so on. Overall it means better service for all of you.

Hope to see you at our new site!

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One Comment on “Moving To A New Domain!”

  1. Edward. Says:

    Pierre, you do sterling work (and it is a sacrifice on your part), we appreciate your efforts.

    All people of integrity and AGW truth seekers will no doubt want to join me, in wishing you well and that your move is successful and without too many glitches.

    Reply: Thanks Edward for the kind words. The move has gone well. Of course you’ll always get glitches and not everything will end up exactly the way you want it. But what the heck, I’m learning a lot and that’s what it’s all about. – PG-

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