Russia’s Fires Caused In Large Part By Forest Mismanagement

Der Spiegel reports here on Russia’s extreme heat that’s has contributed to higher death rates and wildfires, plunging Moscow into a thick, choking smog. Hat-tip to reader DirkH.

The following NASA photo shows where it’s hot, and where it’s cool.

So far 7600 km² have burned. NASA’s Terra satellite shows that the fires began in later July, when temperatures in the areas were 12°C and more above normal. One sees how the heat is concentrated in one spot, while the remainder of the continental area is near normal or even cool. Russian meteorologists say they are unable to find anything in the archives that compares to this, not in the last 1000 years.

While warmists are quick to pin the blame on climate change,  others point out that the fires have other primary causes. Der Spiegel writes that much of the blame for the catastrophe goes to the authorities and mismanagement of forests:

Forest fire experts say the authorities also get most of the blame for the catastrophe. Large fires like this one in Russia are caused primarily by man.

According to Johann Goldammer of the Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry at the University of Freiburg:

 There is no evidence that the fires ignited by themselves because of the drought.

Goldammer says that excessive deforestation of the landscape may be a factor in the fires because they leave barren steppe-like landscapes that tend to dry out quickly and become a tinderbox.

But then Goldammer’s makes the dubious claim that this was caused by the fact that the forests had been put into private hands, and then recommends Soviet-style land use!

It has something to do with sustainable land use, like land-use in the old Soviet Union, where it was much more efficient than today.

Now that’s the way to solve problems. I suggest Goldammer read up on how the Soviets managed to run the entire country into the ground.


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4 Comments on “Russia’s Fires Caused In Large Part By Forest Mismanagement”

  1. R. de Haan Says:

    Yet another example of blatant propaganda designed to put people on the wrong foot.

    Communist Regimes are good, capitalism is bad.
    Hot weather = climate, cold weather is “just weather”.

    Today Sat1 news presented a scandalous news report about the weather extremes caused by “Klimawandel” responsible for huge food shortages and price hikes, aslo in Germany.

    These guys should be put behind bars.

  2. DirkH Says:

    No, Goldammer’s right. Google for it, i don’t have a link handy, but the fact is that in 2007 Putin’s government terminated the ground-based fire guard system that had lots of watchmen on the ground, checking for fires and alerting firefighters as fast as possible; replacing it with a satellite based system and responsibilities for private owners of land. Now, for the private owners, they knew that in Russia, they wouldn’t be held accountable for failing to adhere to the regulations – holding the private sector accountable is not exactly the core competence of Putin’s government.

    That’s how it unfolded… it’s not evil capitalism, good communism… i think it’s about shades of corruption.

  3. Brian H Says:

    I wonder if the issue that generated so much heat in NA applies there. If you suppress small fires, you let undergrowth proliferate, to the point that when a fire occurs it is hot enough to damage or kill mature trees and sterilize the soil. If you are unfamiliar with the controversy, Google “Let it burn”. :-)

  4. Chris F Says:

    AGW proponents were also very quick to jump on AGW as the cause of the catastrophic bushfires in Feb 2009 in Victoria, Australia.

    A subsequent Royal Commission (exhaustive inquiry) has reported in the last few weeks and completely ruled this out.
    Thanks for this. I was getting ready to look into what happened with that. -PG

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