Extreme Cold Kills 6 Million Fish In Bolivia: “Environmental Catastrophe”

Here’s an ongoing weather event, which is supposed to be rare.

We know it’s been cold as heck in South America. In fact it’s been so cold that fish have been dying on a mass scale. This today is being reported by the German online Stern and other outlets.

Authorities say that 6 million fish have died as a result of the cold. Also read here.  This report writes:

Authorities in the eastern Bolivian province of Santa Cruz declared an alert following the death of fish in the Grande, Pirai and Ichilo rivers that run through the tropical region.
This is an “environmental catastrophe” brought on by the lowest temperatures registered in Santa Cruz in nearly half a century, Gov. Ruben Costas told reporters.

We’ve seen reports on how the cold in South America has been deadly for humans too, see here. Later reports mention 500 dead.

And it’s still cold. And it’s going to remain cold as well, see here.

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2 Comments on “Extreme Cold Kills 6 Million Fish In Bolivia: “Environmental Catastrophe””

  1. R. de Haan Says:

    Aug 06, 2010
    Brazilian snow pictures – Worst storm in a decade
    Alexandre Aguiar, METSUL

    Another Antarctic high pressure brought cold and heavy snow to Argentina and then southern Brazil.

    See many, many more on the METSUL blog here:

    Link via Icecap.us

    Reply: Thanks – looks interesting. -PG

  2. R. de Haan Says:

    From Tom Nelson:
    Since 1918 it snowed only three times in Buenos Aires.
    Two time this year and one time in 2007.

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