Die Welt: Earth Could Become Like Venus, 875°F

Scientists say Venus could be the future of the Earth - because of man.

12°F warming and 20 ft sea level rises over the next 100 years?  Yawn – how boring. That doesn’t scare anyone anymore. Boring, boring, boring. 

We need shock and awe. It’s time to get drastic and bury the needle, time to roll out the mothers of scare stories. 

For the warmists it’s Hail Mary time.  The “”unless-we-announce-disasters, nobody-will-listen” gig has to be taken to a whole new unheard-of level. The populace is simply much denser than ever imagined. They just aren’t getting it. It’s not sinking in. 

It’s time to bring in the super special effects. So leave it up to the German Die Welt online to do that. The normally respectable Die Welt online reports here on scientists studying the planet Venus and coming to the conclusion that Earth may end up like her hellish little sister planet, with surface temperatures of 875°F and atmospheric pressures of 1300 psi (90 times more than now on earth) and more. 

This is not the first time a media outlet in Europe has ventured out to this extreme. But hey, things are desperate for the warmists – and especially for their vision of geopolitical and societal resurfacing. 

The Die Welt piece starts with the title and introduction: 

Hell Planet Venus Is Not So Different From Earth
875°F and sulphuric acid in the air: A climate of hell reigns on the planet Venus and scientists are now studying if those conditions are threatening the Earth. 

Die Welt reports on what scientists said at an international Venus conference in Aussois, France. They have determined that inhospitable Venus is much more similar to Earth than previously thought

Yes, be worried, be very worried. Die Welt writes the scientists believe that: 

Venus in the past may have been very similar to Earth – with oceans – and even life. Then the climate changed, and the planet turned into red-hot desolation. 

These claims, says Die Welt, are not just science-fiction fantasy, rather they are based on measurements from the European Venus Express probe launched in 2005, which is currently measuring and analysing Venus with an array of high-tech instruments. 

Researchers from the Max-Planck-Institute for Solar System Research in Lindau and Germany’s version of NASA are also involved. 

Even scientists like Colin Wilson of the University of  Oxford thinks it is probable that: 

 In the past there had to have been a lot of water on Venus. 

Just like Earth. But what really makes Venus interesting, says Die Welt: 

 —is the fact that it is a prime example of a runaway greenhouse effect that may have started in a way that is feared to be now taking place on Earth. 

Die Welt describes how things work on Venus: 

Due to its thick cloud cover, only 20% of the solar energy reaches the planet’s surface. This 20%, however, cannot be radiated back into space because of Venus’s dense atmosphere, and thus leads to enormous heating of the planet. 

Die Welt then adds: 

The manmade pollution of the Earth’s  atmosphere – warns a majority of climatologists – could also lead to a runaway situation whose final result would be what we have on Venus today. 

That is: 875°F and an atmospheric pressure over 1300 psi. 

Scientists are interested in finding out if volcanoes could have erupted and disturbed the atmosphere on Venus early on, and thus led to a runaway greenhouse effect, The scientists at the conference in Aussois are trying to determine the cause of resurfacing on Venus. 

To summarise, Die Welt is attempting to get its readers to believe we are creating a hell on Earth. It doesn’t get more cynical than that. 

Meanwhile, just in the time it took to read this post, hundreds of people died worldwide because of malnutrition. But governments and the media couldn’t care less of the current, real tragedy, it seems. It’s more important to go all out and spend billions to cynically concoct new bogus future scare stories to frighten citizens, and ignore the messy problems of today. 

Journalists and governments need to wake up and get back to doing what they’re supposed to do. Funding and supporting scientists in concocting ridiculous scare stories is not one of them. Indeed it’s willful neglect of the pressing problems we face right now on the planet today. 

In Germany this behaviour is a violation of the law and is called Unterlassene Hilfeleistung (neglect to provide rescue assistance). 

The world is not facing a climate catastrophe. Instead it’s dead in the middle of a leadership catastrophe. So much so that one could argue it’s bordering on crime. 

Voters and consumers, it’s time to run these bums out-of-town.

Update: Craig Goodrich brings to our attention the following very useful link to a post by Steve Goddard at WUWT. http://wattsupwiththat.com/2010/05/06/hyperventilating-on-venus/, and Lubos Motl http://motls.blogspot.com/2010/05/hyperventilating-on-venus.html.

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24 Comments on “Die Welt: Earth Could Become Like Venus, 875°F”

  1. william Says:

    this is remarkable, so all we have to do is create large greenhouses full of co2 and then let the sun do the rest and we will have 875 degrees of heating coming out of them,

    wow this must be the free fuel we have been looking for!!

  2. John Marshall Says:

    Venus lost its water due to the sun being so close and adiabatic atmospheric heating. This has given Venus the heat not the greenhouse effect which, by the way, violates the laws of thermodynamics so cannot be true.

  3. This is utterly idiotic. Simple calculation shows that the Venusian surface temperature is due almost exclusively to the incredible atmospheric pressure; it has an adiabatic lapse rate similar to the Earth but an atmospheric pressure at the surface about 92 times that of the Earth.

    For discussion, see http://wattsupwiththat.com/2010/05/06/hyperventilating-on-venus/

  4. Will Says:

    Because of Venus’ thin crust and heavy atmosphere, real scientists believe Venus is recovering from a planet-killing meteor hit or similar disaster.

    The carbon was literally blown into the atmosphere from impact.

    This is what Earth looked like 4 billion years ago. In another 4 billion years, this planet will cool down and look just like mars. That is if another mega-impact does not occur.

    Don’t fall for the CO2-centric explanation of all celestial happenings. There’s lots more at work here.

    • Agile Aspect Says:

      A few more tidbits on Venus.

      All the planets in our solar system rotate on their axis in the same direction except for Venus – Venus rotates in the opposite direction.

      And a Venus day is longer than a Venus year.

      Since the Sun is expected to run out of helium fuel in about 4 billion years, unless Venus gets smacked again soon and speeds up it’s rotation in the right direction, it’s unlikely it’ll evolve into another Earth.

      • Brian H Says:

        Well, the assertion is being made that the evolution will go the other way: Earth will become like Venus.

        Except all the “runaway” scenarios are concocted from whole cloth. They assume CO2 is in charge in order to prove that CO2 is the cause of everything bad.

      • Agile Aspect Says:

        Opps – the Sun’s fuel is hydrogen – not helium.

      • Agile Aspect Says:

        Opps again – I misread it.

        The only things that appear not to be interwoven with CO2 are “increased intelligence, common sense, and tax breaks.”

  5. Brian H Says:

    It’s SO inconvenient that the hundreds of millions of years when Earth had CO2 levels 10-30X current levels that it didn’t go into “runaway”. It makes the hyperbolic BS now being spouted look so lame! Only because it is.

  6. Charles Higley Says:

    If you do the universal gas law calculation for 90+ atm of gas pressure, you will find that Venus is hot because of the pressure and not the 98% CO2.

    Venus has a permanent upper level cloud deck which would appear to be a functional part of a greenhouse, BUT a greenhouse requires that the solar energy reach the planet’s surface to be converted to IR and re-emitted. This is not the case as very little light reaches the surface.

    In fact, most of the solar energy is stopped in the cloud deck and some of the IR emitted towards the lower atmosphere. However, the gas law calculation shows that this effect is little as the pressure and concentration (calculated from the density) create almost all of the temperature we detect.

    It is simply impossible for Earth to become anything like Venus, just as it is impossible for a trace gas (CO2) to drive our climate (it does not).

  7. Tom Rowan Says:

    Venus was used, falsely of course, as the poster boy plantet to blame CO2 for “out of control” warming.

    The lie was to compare the two planet’s atmospheres in the first place. The lie goes like this:

    Venus has alot of CO2 and is hot. Industry creates CO2 so earth will become hot.

    What is always left out is that the the atmosphere on Venus is 90 times heavier due to its density. It has 90 times more atmosperic presure than earth’s atmosphere.

    It is that great are pressure that makes Venus hot and not the CO2.

    Earth’s atmosphere will never be 90 times heavier ever. The miniscule amount of CO2 produced by man is drwarfed on a daily basis by the massive amounts of C02 produced by nature.

    And the total amount is a tiny fraction of our atmosphere anyway. The atmosphere beneficially recycles CO2. And C02 levels are at an historic low according to ice core data.

    Over every high tempurature record and heat wave is a dome of high pressure in our atmosphere. Coastal areas around the globe are warmer due to higher pressure. Death Valley is one of the farthest points on land away from the sun. Mt Everest is one of the closest to the sun. If proximity to the sun were a determinate factor to heating then the tempuratures in each place would be reversed.

    Death Valley and coastal areas are warmer due to higher pressure. The higher one goes, the lower the pressure and the tempurature.

    C02 induced global warming has always been transparently a hoax. Those who believe in it, even after the hypothesis has been falsified are either fooling themselves are are too stupid to know when they have been lied to.

    Quite amusing really if the stakes were not so high.

    If you are stupid enough to buy into taxing people for nice weather, then give me ten bucks and I will promise you a nice day too…

  8. Kerry Chase Says:

    You would have to be a science illiterate to think that Earth could immitate Venus. Mars also has a nearly 100% CO2 atmosphere and it is frigid. It all has to do with proximity to the sun, volcanic action and planetary mass. Earth, thankfully, cannot be a Venus, and cannot be a Mars.

    Wise up folks. Learn basic planetary science. Stop acting like a bunch of science illiterates. I’m sorry that your science teachers were illiterate, but you can change that by studying on your own. Stop listening to this bunch of communist, greenies, too yellow to admit they are really RED!

    • pgosselin Says:

      Actually, I think the a large part of the media and climate institutes are attempting to de-educate their audiences when it comes to climate science. The target is socio-political resurfacing.

  9. Brian H Says:

    Numerous primitive societies invented the plunger igniter. A narrow hole down the center of a cylinder, into which a plunger slides with little clearance. Some easily ignited material attaches to the end of the plunger; a sharp push on the pressure ‘knob’ on top forces it down and compresses the air so much it fires up the kindling.

    Must get kind of warm down there!

  10. Matt Says:

    “But governments and the media could care less of the current, real tragedy, it seems.”

    Could care less could they. Heartless devils. And slap-dash American mis-usage of the language.

    It should read “–Could NOT care less—“

  11. Matt Says:

    Jolly good you two just keep taking more care.
    If your message is better than crap it deserves to be expressed in excellent English. Like what this is.

  12. sdcougar Says:

    “Venus in the past may have been very similar to Earth – with oceans – and even life. Then the climate changed, and the planet turned into red-hot desolation.”

    Well then, it is obvious. Before life died out on Venus, all those coal fired electric utilities and SUVs pushed the CO2 past a tipping point.

  13. Naoko Futaka Says:

    People forget the other chemicals produced by fossil fuel consumption…

    First year chemistry…


  14. Kyle Says:

    Treeeeeeeeees gooooood. Humans baaaaaaaaad. (is their thinking)

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