Russian Scientists: Sun Is Waking Up! Solar Particles Reaching the Earth and Magnetic Storms Possible

The sun is waking up say Russian scientists after observing a total eclipse of the sun.

Solar cycle 24 took its time getting started, and when it did, it sputtered and faded. But that’s about to change, reports the German edition of the online Russian news service Ria Novosti here

Russian scientists say that the sun will soon come alive after having observed a total eclipse at Easter Island in the Pacific yesterday. They warn that magnetic storms could soon occur.

Dimitri Semyonov, who belongs to the team of observers, says the shape of the sun’s corona indicates an increase in solar activity, but cautions that the observed data still need to be evaluated. He adds:

 The sun is waking up. 

Ria Novosti reports: 

Dr. Sergei Bogatchov of the Laboratory for Solar X-Ray Astronomy at the Lebedev Institute of Physics told Ria Novosti that the back side of the sun has probably just seen the highest level of activity since the start of the year. 

Dr. Sergei Bogatchov says: 

In seven to ten days this active area of the sun will reach a position that will enable charged particles to reach the earth. That’s going to impact the geomagnetic situation – may even lead to magnetic storms. 

 The following graphic shows the location where the solar eclipse was observed yesterday. Sorry it’s in German, but it’s still interesting to look at. 


So, it looks like a Maunder Minimum type of solar lull may not happen after all. We ought to be thankful for that. The next one or two weeks will tell us more.

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6 Comments on “Russian Scientists: Sun Is Waking Up! Solar Particles Reaching the Earth and Magnetic Storms Possible”

  1. Brian H Says:

    I think the whole cycle is still long-delayed, and the total number of active events is still trending far below average. One or two outbursts don’t make much difference.

    Edit note: “Possible Magnetic Storms Possible” is nonsensically redundant!

  2. Russian Scientists: Sun Is Waking Up! Solar Particles Reaching the Earth and Magnetic Storms Possible…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  3. Ed Caryl Says:

    ANYTHING is “possible”. (sigh)

  4. R. de Haan Says:

    A realistic daily state of the sun report is produced here:

    Everything is possible but at this moment in time not much is happening.

  5. Agile Aspect Says:

    Spaceweather indicates sunspot number 1087 may pose a threat of C flares.

    Here is NASA’s prediction

    On, there’s photograph of sunspot number 1087 photographed by someone in Germany from their backyard.

    To see sunspots you need a telescope or a satellite. And it helps if the Moon isn’t blocking the view the Sun.

  6. Brian H Says:

    But when the Moon IS blocking the view (of) the Sun, that would be a handy time to check for those flippin’ neutrinos, no?

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