Media: No Evidence, No Crime. Let’s All Move Along.

I must admit I’m in a bit of shock reading this stuff, especially full police report about Al Gore’s alleged behaviour. I’m not going to draw any conclusion right now. It’s all too stunning, if it’s true.

The other climate blogs have not written a word about it so far. Maybe they want to be extra careful, which is understandable. But then again, Drudge plasters the story as its big headline for the day. Matt Drudge has been in business for years, and surely he’s done his homework. Maybe it’s to encourage other victims to speak out, if there are any.

I read the entire police report and it is shocking – really. Will other women come forward? Is it all a hoax? We’re not talking about Mike Tyson or Kobe Bryant here. We’re talking about the former VP of the USA and the prophet of AGW.


UPDATE; Germany’s top tabloid Bild reports here (German).

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2 Comments on “Media: No Evidence, No Crime. Let’s All Move Along.”

  1. Vince Werber Says:

    Well considering that Mr. Gore was an ‘understudy’ of former President Clinton, should this really come as a surprise?

    Excuse me but I just had to say that :-)

  2. ThomasJ Says:

    Well, cross me heart… but who the f*** cares about what AG is/not/doing [privetaly]???
    Skip that and concentrate efforts on the wider, extremely false & scaremongerings scale that person i pursuing. Please…, si? Go figure!


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