Voodoo Policymaking

Money! money! money!

 Again the excellent Readers Edition here has an excellent piece on Pachauri, which I’ve written here in English. Pachauri became Chairman of the IPCC in 2002. 

The following is his little-publicised partial resume of some of the posts he’s held. Now if you look closely and squint your eyeballs really hard, you might see a conflict of interest here and there. 

  • 1981 director Tata Energy Research Institute in New Delhi
  • 2001 general director of  The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
  • 2005 founder of GloriOil, which developed TERI technology for exploiting remaining oil reserves of abandoned oil sources
  • 2007 on the advisory committee of Siderian Venture Capital in San Francisco
  • 2008 consultant to Credit Suisse on renewable and sustainable energy
  • 2008 on the advisory committee of the Rockefeller Foundation
  • 2008 on the supervisory board of Nordic Glitnir Bank which launched the Sustainable Future Fund
  • 2008 Chairman of Indochina Sustainable Infrastructure Fund
  • 2008 Director of the International Risk Governance Council in Geneva, which was founded by French power company EDF and German power company E.On
  • 2009 strategy advisor for the New York based Pegasus Investment Fund
  • 2009 Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Asian Development Bank
  • Head of the Climate and Energy Institute of Yale University, which is funded by millions of dollars from USA and private companies
  • Member of the Climate Change Board of Deutsche Bank
  • Director of the Japanese Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
  • Advisor to Toyota Motors
  • Advisor to the French state-owned SNCF rail
  • President of the Industrial Lobby TERI-NA which is funded by 130 government and corporate sponsors, which include the Rockefeller Foundation, Monsanto and the World Bank

Today, billions are being made trading paper called CO2 certificates. For example, Indian Tata moved its steel production of 3 million tonnes annually from England to India, and thus earned almost 2 billion euros in CO2 credits. Not only that, almost 2000 honest workers lost their jobs². India alone has 1455 emissions trading projects up and running with an estimated value of US$33 billion. Many are run by Tata. 

Pachauri is also on the Advisory Committee of the Chicago Climate Exchange, the largest and most lucrative CO2-exchange in the world, which was supported by TERI. One director is Maurice Strong, former General Secretary of the UNCED, and head of Petro-Canada, and head of Ontario Hydro. In 2005 he had to step down because of his involvement in the UN Oil For Food scandal. Since then he’s been living in Peking, where he directs his oil business and advises the Chinese government on how to get rich with CO2 certificates – just like India is doing. (But don’t blame India and China – they are only accepting great offers. Who wouldn’t!). 

Now one begins to see just how corrupt the UN climate policy is. People near its core are getting seriously rich. Now you know why Al Gore will say and do anything to keep the scam going.  

Pachauri also asked the EPA to limit CO2 emissions without waiting for Congress to act. The EPA took his advice and declared CO2 “dangerous to human health”. The EPA based all this on the bogus IPCC 2007 4AR. This alone  is going to cost industrial countries another estimated $45 billion. 

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3 Comments on “Voodoo Policymaking”

  1. sunsettommy Says:

    The over the top drive to reach millionaire status needs to end.

    I believe that such people who do that are shallow insecure people.Who thinks trampling over other people to get millions are the worst kind of people on the planet.They rape the poor in the process and they do not give a dam that they do it.

    I despise them for what they are.They are scum!

  2. Brian H Says:

    In the future, Pachauri’s career will be held up as a definitive example of “conflict of interest”.

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