2 Months Of Blogging

I started this blog on April 1st.

In April I got just over 8000 visits, and in May almost 28,000. Thanks readers!  I think I can allow myself a little indulgence of some sherry wood finish Glenmorangie to celebrate.

I got a lot of help from Big Blog, i.e.  climatedepotWUWT  and Bishop Hill. When these boys drop your name, you really see spikes in the traffic volume.

But I’m not doing it for the numbers (though I have to admit it feels good to see a spike).  It’s for fun, and it has been more fun than I ever imagined.

I’m gong to continue looking for stories that readers might not otherwise hear about. Repeating what the other blogs say is not my thing…though I may have done that a couple of times. I think it was Jeff Id at the Air Vent who said: to blog successfully, you have to spend a lot of time reading. THAT’S TRUE. Writing is acutally the easy part. Some bloggers have got to be going through reams of literature.

My highlight post for May was gate-blowup. It didn’t pull in the most traffic, but it’s the one I was most satisfied with. I’ll be updating it in the future.

And one more thing – not once did I have to snip a reader’s comment because of bad behaviour. To me that says a lot about the kind of readers us sceptics get. This claim that we’re all a gang of angry, belligerent malcontents is yet another warmist fantasy. Such rubbish they put out sometimes.

Keep stopping by!

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3 Comments on “2 Months Of Blogging”

  1. Ed Caryl Says:

    Every day, Pierre. Every day.

  2. John Blake Says:

    As time goes by, we suspect that such compendiums will prove of crucial value to historians tracking climate hysterics’ extraordinarily deceptive and nasty-minded propaganda efforts to sink AGW teeth into the necks of public polities worldwide.

    Disinterested scientific inquiry has no place in so-called “climate studies”, which by definition can have no empirical, experimental bases whatsoever. Bring on the circular reasoning, ad hominems, Arguments from Authority by Stipulation! By any objective or even rational standard the peculating Green Gang of Briffa, Hansen, Jones, Mann, Trenberth et al. should be held accountable for willful sabotage of global energy economies just as the Holocene Interglacial Epoch fades to an overdue resurgence of Ice Time.

  3. athelstan Says:

    I drop in because I want to know what other people particularly Europeans are thinking.
    Sticking my neck out, I think there has been a lock down of news, intelligence and pertinent information relating to the AGW scam.
    Particularly a lack of diffused information (on how wrong the postulation of man-made GW really is) to our near neighbours on the Continent.
    I am not saying for a minute that the British MSM is open and honest – far from it.
    The tyranny aka the Bruxelles Politburo have purposely tried to dominate the media with their SLANT on AGW and this is censorship, plain and simple, an organisation which purports to be open, fair and democratic is evidently a bunch of two-faced lying, control freaks……but again, we all knew that.
    Please keep it going Pierre, you have a gentle sense of humour as well, which helps;>)))

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