Crash Of 2009 – Scientists Say Climate Policy Needs Radical New Direction

In a just published 43-page paper, leading scientists and professors are calling for a completely new direction in climate policy after what they call “The Crash of 2009”.

This was made public this morning by Dr Reiner Grundmann, one of the paper’s authors, at

In its Executive Summary, the paper states that climate policy “has failed to produce any discernable real world reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases in fifteen years”, adding:

…UNFCCC/Kyoto model was structurally flawed and doomed to fail because it systematically misunderstood the nature of climate change as a policy issue between 1985 and 2009.

In my view this paper reveals that many scientists and policymakers are now realising what many of us already knew: Radical regulation and taxation of carbon is not going to work. The paper proposes a much watered down version of what governments, interest groups and activists were previously pushing for. Its authors are still calling for a tranformation in energy supply and consumption, but in a more measured and targeted approach using low taxes and through the development of unsubsidised energy sources.

 The authors say of their paper:

It explains radical and practical ways to reduce non-CO2 human forcing of climate. It argues that improved climate-risk management is a valid policy goal, and is not simply congruent with carbon policy.

Well at least governments now have an option: they can continue to allow energy policy to be formulated and driven by zealots, or they can hand the job over to the lukewarmers, who are promising a less painful approach, one that respects human dignity.

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7 Comments on “Crash Of 2009 – Scientists Say Climate Policy Needs Radical New Direction”

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  2. Navy Joe Says:

    It is xiomatic that government employees and elected officials will spend uncounted billions to defend flawed and fatuous positions, rather than acknowledge even the slightest error in their position. This appeal to moderation is a non-starter.

  3. Bob Tisdale Says:

    Pierre: Glad you’ve started your own blog. I’ve enjoyed your comments at WUWT and look forward to your posts.


    Bob: Thanks!

  4. pyromancer76 Says:

    I guess lukewarm is better than the former style. I wish “they” would simply disappear.

    Congratulations on your new blog. It will be good to read first hand information from Germany from someone one can trust. I also have appreciated your comments on WUWT. Hope you enjoy blogging.

  5. Feedback Says:

    New blog found and listed in Favourites… will visit often.

    Nice new window to the world for me, as I don’t read Deutsch. And many interesting posts already.


  6. km Says:

    But… without demonstrating *any* verified negative consequences to climate change, why should we agree to *any* governmental responses at all?

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