Springs Arriving Earlier (But This Year It’s 3 Weeks Late)

We’ve seen recent studies suggesting spring is coming about 10 days earlier than “normal” in some regions, with some warning this could upset the balance of nature. Don’t you hate when spring arrives early?

Well, many here in Europe are still waiting for spring. Call it the Al-Gore effect. Nature seems to have turned the tables on climate scientists. Today the Telegaph reports of unusually late frosts, this coming on the heels of one of Europe’s harshest winters in memory. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gardening/7701476/Return-of-winter-frosts-threaten-to-kill-off-vintage-spring.html.

Gardeners are being warned to prepare for up to a week of unusually late frosts which threaten to kill off spring blooms.

With overnight temperatures set to fall as low as 26F (-3C) in some parts of Scotland over the next few days, even milder areas in the south are being warned to prepare for over overnight lows close to freezing.

Daytime temperatures will also be unseasonably cold, with highs of between 50F (10C) and 59F (15C) expected, and the wintry conditions could last into next week, the Met Office warned.

Meanwhile here in Germany snow recently fell at 2000 ft. (600m) and up. Weather forecasters have announced ground surface frost in some areas tonight. The cold is expected to last a few more days.


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One Comment on “Springs Arriving Earlier (But This Year It’s 3 Weeks Late)”

  1. Cathy Says:

    We’re freezing our bippies off here in central Ohio. There was frost yesterday morning and mom’s Mother’s Day potted hydrangea is nipped and turning brown.

    Mother is 88 years-old and can’t remember a spring like this. (In fairness – her memory is no longer completely reliable ;0)

    The bird migration on Lake Erie was a bust Sunday as hundreds of disappointed birders shivered in 40 degree rain waiting for the birds that didn’t show up.

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