Montford’s Hockey Stick Illusion

 If you haven’t picked up and read a copy of A.W. Montford’s recent Hockey Stick Illusion, then you really should do it. I’m so impressed that I’ve decided to write a chapter by chapter review, as time permits. I thought I had known most of the general Hockey Stick story, but Montford filled in lots of gaps with details I hadn’t been aware of.

Chapter 1 focuses on the roots of the global warming movement, beginning with Arrhenius, Callendar and the World Meteorological Organisation, and moves on to 1988 when James Hansen’s testified before Congress. That year the UN went on to create the IPCC. Already claims of scientific consensus we’re sprouting.

In the IPCC’s First Assessment Report (FAR) in 1990, Montford describes the 1000-year temperature graph showing how the MWP was warmer than today’s temperatures, a graph the IPCC soon came to regret. Being a real nuisance, the MWP had to go to make way for the  new desired narrative of CAGW. Geoscientist David Deming, who was a potential recruit for revising the historical record, describes how he was sent an e-mail by a prominent U of Arizona scientist with the astonishing statement:

We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period.

Subsequent papers showing a warmer MWP were smacked down by science journals. Then came MBH98, and the AGW movement was on its feet and marching. The troublesome MWP had been erased and  the 20th century was made to be the warmest on record. The movement was on rails. 

Montford describes the media explosion that ensued and how the Hockey Stick was prominently featured in the IPCC third assessment report, making it THE key argument for the need to curb CO2 emissions, and making the once obscure Michael Mann a celebrated scientist. The groundwork for the greatest hoax of all time was now in place.

 There’s no shortage of intriguing detail. It’s a book that keeps the light on at night.

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3 Comments on “Montford’s Hockey Stick Illusion”

  1. Charles Higley Says:

    Does the chapter include the machinations of Maurice Strong and his manipulations to form the IPCC, stock it with upper personnel with the mission to show global warming, and create a climate/energy crisis in order to fulfill his dream of a powershift and creation of a one-world government?

    SInce Maurice is still around and pushing his agenda, it appears to be an important piece of the puzzle regarding why the big push to revamp the economy of the world. Copenhagen was supposed to be the beginning of the end of his quest.

  2. John Blake Says:

    Congratulations to A.W. Montford (“Bishop Hill”)! In any complex exposition, historical context and perspective provide a crucial overview. However climate hysterics and their media enablers spin it, the fact remains that absent Climategate’s mysteriously downloaded data-dump last November 19th, we would still be hearing vicious rants from such as Hansen, Jones, and Railroad Bill Pachauri and his terminally disgraceful IPCC.

    Nothing one can say of this sorry 22-year episode does justice to the sheer mendacity of Green Gang cultists allied with political rain-makers to profit from corrupt “Carbon Credits” scams. (Interpol stated just last week that 90% of Europe’s multi-billion Euro carbon offsets [sic] are criminal frauds sponsored by the Sicilian Mafia on down.)

    In one sense, Montford’s review is a bit premature; in another, his carefully crafted reprise is long overdue. Meantime, we note that despite self-serving PR efforts, including seriously erroneous releases by the U.S. EPA, AGW as a valid consensual hypothesis has failed decisively. Hyper-partisan propagandists aside, such works as Montford’s make it unlikely that such hothouse congeries [intended] will work their wicked wills again.

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