Gore Has No Clue About Science

Here’s a worthwhile piece by David Deming: http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/05/the_problems_with_al_gore.html

The ancient Greeks encouraged free thought, debate and critical analysis.  Pupils were encouraged to criticise their teachers.  Today we know that in science scepticism is the heart of progress; without it everything stops. The objective of science is not to prove existing theories, but to disprove them.

But in Al Gore’s world, things are just the opposite. Gore refuses to debate and continuously ridicules and demonises his critics. His approach: science is established by brute authority. Those who disagree with his view are not invited in discussion, but are marginalised and cast out. Only one dogma is tolerated.

AGW is probably the only scientific hypothesis that ever started with a consensus. In real science, that’s not how it works. This hypothesis is a dud.

In his piece, Deming writes in the end:

Gore and Obama have joined an elite group that includes Portuguese physician Egas Moniz.  In 1949, Moniz was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine for devising an innovative procedure known as the frontal lobotomy.  It seems fitting that Gore and Obama are grouped with Moniz, since their apparent goal is to lobotomize human civilization.

I don’t know about human civilisation, but they are certainly trying to lobotomise critics, dissenters and the scientific approach.

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2 Comments on “Gore Has No Clue About Science”

  1. Ed Caryl Says:

    Now I know why Al Gore believes in CAGW. He’s living in his own bubble of hot air.

  2. JPeden Says:

    His approach: science is established by brute authority.

    That’s the logical outcome of Post Normal Science = Totalitarianism: “consensus” by any means possible, thus ultimately including, and even solely involving, force.

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