What Leaders Can And Cannot Control

Listening to all the news about the debt crisis in Greece and Europe, the USA’s exploding deficits, and all the out-of-control city and state budgets, etc. etc., I ask myself:

How is it possible for leaders to think they can control the earth’s temperatures when they can’t even control their own deficits at home?

The next time you see a politician, ask him or her:

What is easier to control – your government’s spending or the earth’s temperature?

The answer to that will tell you a lot.

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2 Comments on “What Leaders Can And Cannot Control”

  1. Brian H Says:

    Obviously the former, because enough government spending can kill ANYTHING!

  2. pgosselin Says:

    I’m not sure what you mean here. I’d say governments cannot control their spending. There hasn’t been one in history that has.

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