The Fall Of The AGW Empire

Just a few short years ago, it seemed the empire that was AGW was set to rule for a long time. But, to use Marc Morano’s words, oh my how the mighty have fallen! Observe how the once tall, mighty pillars of AGW have shattered and crumbled to a heap of rubble.

Pillar 1: Consensus. Once one of the most persuasive arguments used by warmists, countless petitions have shown that it’s far from true. The new Der Spiegel 7-part piece is just the latest example that clearly demonstrates just how ferociously divided scientists really are.

PIllar 2: IPCC 4AR: It was sold as being based solely on peer-reviewed literature, the Holy Bible of AGW. But then Donna Laframboise organised her citizens’ audit and exposed how 21 of the report’s 44 chapters got a failing grade. And let’s not talk about the wild, Himalayan high exaggerations in the report, which even cited boot cleaning manuals. Pachauri is humiliated.

Pillar 3: The Hockey Stick. It became the pin-up centrefold of the movement, deleting the MWP and showing unprecedented warming since the start of the industrial revolution, a virtual coup de science. But the so-called hockey stick curve has since been thoroughly disected and discredited. It’s creator Michael Mann now finds himself deep in legal hot water.

Pillar 4: The CO2 greenhouse gas theory. The alarmists misled the public, implying the greenhouse effect of CO2 was a linear function of its atmospheric concentration. But now we know it’s logarithmic and that most of the greenhouse effect is already used up.

Pillar 5: Forcing. Okay, the  CO2 greenhouse effect is pretty much  used up. But the 1 or 2°C warming will lead to more greenhouse water vapour, which will take the earth beyond a “tipping point”, warmists claim. But we’ve learned that positive feedbacks have been overblown, and negative feedbacks severely underestimated.

Pillar 6: Models. We kept hearing that climate models show dangerous warming far into the future. But the models have been shown to be poor, time and again. Where’s the missing heat? Why have temps failed to increase in the recent years? Where’s the hot spot? Why is Antarctic sea ice trending up?

Pillar 7: Public panic/opinion: Though not a decider of science, it is a paramount factor in the politics of the AGW Empire. That too has been shown by numerous polls in countless countries to have swung to scepticism. Even in Germany less than half of the population now believe it’s a serious problem. If the Empire crumbles in Germany, then Europe goes down with it. And without Europe, it all collapses.

Still, the Empire is not dead yet – even Rome didn’t crumble overnight. But it’s almost there. Sure, there’s still  a lot of money and muscle behind it, but there’s no morality. That’s important because we know throughout history, no empire has ever survived that.

Update: By AGW I mean of the sort promoted by the serial exaggerators, often called CAGW (catastrophic anthropogenic global warming). Humans have some effect, though it can be debated if a signal can be found in all the noise.

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5 Comments on “The Fall Of The AGW Empire”

  1. Fred Says:

    Tiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmber . . . . .

    Nice succinct summary.

    Nothing left now but to do the autopsy and ridicule the Believers.

    Until the next eco grifter scam comes around.

  2. Brian H Says:

    Good stuff! But I suggest a terminology change: use CAGW, standing for “Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming”. This makes it explicit that the Warmists are projecting Catastrophe, a much stronger and harder-to-justify claim.

    • P Gosselin Says:

      You got a point. Maybe I ought to use the term problematic AGW – PAGW. But I guess everyone is using CAGW. I just think it’s conceding too much.

  3. Mari Warcwm Says:

    This is such refreshing stuff. Thank god for Germany. Our new government in the UK still believes all the CAGW rubbish and will go on building windmills even if the Brits are actually starving. Perhaps I will e-mail your site to our new Prime Minister, and show him one obvious way to curb the deficit!

  4. Raymond Horstman Says:

    I believe you way to optimistic to think that AGW, IPCC and the like are over yet. They have a licence from the UN to go on with their work producing AR after Ar. They now go to AR5. The have all the support from international and national institutes, a lot of money to burn and want give up just because some of their claim were wrong. You are way to optimistic!

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