M4GW Capitulates – Free Speech Takes A Body Blow!

Having received a request to cease and desist airing the famous self-made “Hide the Decline” G-rated YouTube political satire video, the Minnesotans For Global Warming have grown weak-kneed and decided to take down the video, which had been viewed more than half a million times on YouTube and was even featured on the Rush Limbaugh show (20 million listeners). But Michael Mann, the target of its satire, was not amused. And when the cat says meow, mice run.

Of course I’m not familiar with the details and legal fine points of the issue, but I have seen much worse go unchallenged. When George W. Bush was President, much worse videos were made. Barack Obama has to take the same treatment too – like all public figures.  Obviously the video had gotten under Mann’s thin skin. Mann, a professor at Penn State, creator of the phony, discredited hockey stick graph, a public employee as far as I know, has demanded that the M4GW stop practicing its right to free speech.

Personally I can’t believe the M4GW waved the white flag so quickly. I thought they had more guts than that. But I guess Beauregard’s French genes got the best of him. Now some goofball No Cap & Trade organisation will have to storm the beach and take the bullets.  M4GW have sent a disturbing message by cutting and running.

They ought to put the video back up and take Mann on like a man.

And what do I think of the NO Cap & Trade Hide the Decline II?  It’s crap. But I’m sure they’ll be enough dim bulbs out there who will accept it and think it’s cute.  Bring back the original!

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One Comment on “M4GW Capitulates – Free Speech Takes A Body Blow!”

  1. Derek Says:

    They could of been paid off.

    Just a thought, as I have heard rumours of other prominent people in the general discussion area just when they seemed to be making an impact, suddenly just shut up shop…

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