EU Buried Devastating Biodiesel Study

The Financial Times Deutschland (Germany) reports today how damning results of an internal study were kept
hidden from the public.
The study states that if cars in Europe reach the required 10% biofuel target set by the EU for its cars by 2020, massive damage will threaten the environment and poor citizens globally.
But EU Energy Commissar Günther Oettinger kept the results of the study under wraps in order to cater to Big Agriculture.  The EU Energy Commission study, according to the Financial Times Deutschland, reveals how:
1. That the production of biodiesel fuels is so energy-intensive that it sometimes produces more CO2 than it saves, never mind that it has accelerated deforestation to make way for biofuel cultivation.
2. The EU will have to abandon the 10% biofuel requirement.
The EU has long fought the cutting of its subsidies paid to farmers tooth and nail.
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2 Comments on “EU Buried Devastating Biodiesel Study”

  1. Add more KOH or NaOH and turn it into soap and sell it!

  2. J. Peden Says:

    Thanks for the summary!

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