CryoSat-2 Polar Mission Launched

According to the German Aerospace Center, the Earth observation satellite CryoSat-2, was launched at 15:57 CET on a Russian Dnepr launcher from Baikonur in Kazakhstan.

The satellite will measure polar ice and “scientists will, for the first time, be able to measure changes in the thickness and mass of the polar ice sheets from space, and accurately determine contribution to sea-level change due to the melting of large ice sheets. This will make it possible to create reliable climate forecasts and provide early detection of risks for low-lying areas.”

The press release also claims:  “Due to the greenhouse effect, more ice is melting at the north and south poles than is being created. The salt concentration of seawater at low latitudes is decreasing. This inhibits the transport of cold, deep-sea water to the Equator as well as the corresponding counter-flow of warm, surface water to the poles. This also weakens the Gulf Stream, which warms the lower latitudes of Europe in comparison to similar latitudes on other continents.”

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