Tsunami of Scepticism Sweeping Over Europe

As if Climategate wasn’t bad enough for climate alarmists, it just keeps getting worse and worse. In fact it’s so bad and desparate that Greenpeace is now inciting its followers to follow James Hansen in taking the law into their own hands and practicing “mass civic disobedience”. “Screw being climate activists. It’s not working. We need an army of climate outlaws.


For example, recently, the internationally renowned German Der Spiegel news magazine published an 8-part piece on the pervasive sloppiness and alarmism in climate science, prompting alarmist German scientists to fly off the hockey stick handle. 

Now French geochemist Dr Claude Allegre’s new book L’Imposture Climatique (Climate Fraud) has become a national bestseller in France, selling 110,000 copies so far. In his book he calls the IPCC a “mafia-like system”.  Dr Allegre has long been a critic of the IPCC.

According to Science magazine, More than 400 French climate scientists (Note how Science is a big believer in science by simple majority) have signed a petition insisting that science mínister Valérie Pécresse  make an “either-you’re-with-us-or-against-us” choice. Much to her credit, Pécresse told the newspaper Liberation newspaper she wants the Academy of Sciences to organize a debate about the issue. A debate? Mon Dieu!

Bravo M. Allegre – merci pour votre courage civique!

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