Changing Media Climate in Germany?

The German mainstream media have long been big believers of AGW and have provided alarmist-scientists (we all know who they are) with a platform, all to themselves, to voice their horror scenarios to the public. But this climate of alarmism may be entering a drought.

Recently some prominent German media outlets have begun reporting the sceptic side of the story. Indeed the German media have been way behind the curve, and may have woken up to the fact that the German public gets much information from alternative sources. And the coldest winter in almost 50 years probably has brought some to their senses too.

Three recent reports in the renowned news magazine Der Spiegel alone may indicate a coming shift in media reporting, at least until the next heat wave:

1) Climate science in turmoil:,1518,686697,00.html

2) IPCC under fire:,1518,686205,00.html

3) Germans losing angst of climate change:

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