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Russia Searching For Reliable Climate Data

April 30, 2010

The German version of RIA Novosti reports that Russia hopes to gain more precise weather forecasts, new findings on global warming and improved exploration of new oil and gas reserves from its planned, new Arktika Satellite system.

The Arktika System, which is made up of 5 satellites,  is a whole new instrument that will deliver absolutely new data on climate change says Alexander Bedrizki, Climate Appointee of the Russian President.  The project will allow continous observation of the Arctic 24 hours per day and be able to measure water temperature and ice thickness. The project will also have economic value because the Arctic holds huge oil and gas reserves. The project will also enable commerical flights to pass over the Arctic.

Alexander Frolow Director of the Russian Weather Service hopes to generate more accurate weather forecasts and to better assess events such as the recent Iceland volcano eruption which was above 60° north latitude.  Current satellite systems were not able to accurately track the cloud of ash from afar.

Russian aerospace company Lawotschkin will begin work on the project this year. Two communications satellites, two waether satellites and a radar satellite for measring ice  and exploring natural resources will be developed and launched into space.

Melting Canadian Snows Uncover Medieval And Roman Warm Periods

April 30, 2010

Melting mountain snow in the Canadian Mackenzie Mountains has uncovered ancient weapons used by early hunters. In the Canadian Mackenzie Mountains scientists have found weapons up to 2400 years old, reports Tom Andrews of the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre in Yellowknife and his colleagues in a press release from the Arctic Institute of North America.

 Scientists suspect that hunters followed herds escaping mosquitoes and heat during the hot summers. Caribou was an important food source.

 The results of their findings have been extraordinary. Andrews and his team have found 2400-year-old spear throwing tools, a 1000-year-old ground squirrel snare, and bows and arrows dating back 850 years. Biologists involved in the project are examining caribou dung for plant remains, insect parts, pollen and caribou parasites. It is very likely that snow and ice today still covers more ancient relicts.

 The findings and their dates of origin undercut warmists’ claims that the Medieval Warm Period did not exist, or was localised in Europe, and that today’s warm period is unprecedented. The age of the found artefacts correspond to the Roman Warm Period and the Medieval Warm Period.  Ancient artefacts recovered in the Alps tell the same story.


Run! Seas Rising 49 Microns Per Year

April 29, 2010

Melting sea ice is causing sea levels to rise 49 micorons per year (3/16 of an inch over 100 years), according to research published in Geophysical Research Letters. Read more here:

Peak & Trade: German PIK Scientists Propose Per Capita Climate Quota

April 28, 2010

Rudolf Kipp of  reports on the latest German plan to save the planet: Peak and Trade. This is my summary in English.

Without a doubt the Copenhagen Climate Conference last December was a major flop. A treaty for reducing CO2 emissions could not find the support it needed. The conference was such a disaster that a climate agreement is all but ruled out for 2010 as well. So, what to do?

Policy Shift in Germany
The Potsdamer Institute for Climate Impact Research, which includes alarmists Stefan Rahmstorf and Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, has been the primary advisor for chancellor Angela Merkel, and have arguably lost much clout since the embarrassment that was Copenhagen.

To get things back on track, PIK has come up with a new position paper that outlines a whole new approach that could lead to a breakthrough in climate treaty negotiations. It’s dubbed New Strategies for Reaching the 2°C max Climate Target, a scheme which the PIK calls Peak and Trade. It calls for a so-called per capita climate quota, see here (Abstract written in English).

The PIK scientists call for allocating a quota of 5 tonnes of CO2 to every inhabitant on earth. Should an earthling exceed the quota, then payment would be made into a fund (a yet to be created World Climate Bank). If the quota is not reached, then money would come out of the fund as a reward.

This of course becomes very attractive for the poorest of countries, and very expensive for industrious nations. For example the average American emits 16.9 tonnes of CO2 – more than three times the quota. Yet, some European countries with high amounts of hydroelectric or nuclear power are well-positioned. For example Sweden and Switzerland emit on average 5.6 tonnes, the French 6.3 tonnes. The financial punishment of Peak & Trade would be mild and thus bearable.

The per capita climate quota is very attractive for developing countries
Before anyone writes this idea off as crazy, take a close look at the numbers and who the potential winners and losers would be. But first, where does the 5.1 tonnes of CO2 per earthling number come from? The authors of the paper simply have taken the projected 2015 CO2 emissions figure of 35 billion tonnes and divided it by the current world population of 6.9 billion. Copenhagen failed in part because of resistance from the developing countries, especially Brazil, China and India. They just didn’t see enough incentives. These countries however are well below the magic 5.1 tonne quota – especially Brazil and India, and so now they have ample reason to enthusiastically support Peak and Trade.  It’s reasonable to think this is the instrument to get them back on board.

The per capita climate quota is also an incentive for population growth (and poverty)
Poor developing countries now stand to rake in the cash. The more inhabitants and the poorer the standard of living, the more money a country stands to pull in. That could be an irresistable incentive for many countries. The humanitarian problem with this German Meisterwerk of a plan now becomes clear: governments and regimes in poor countries would have no incentive to improve living standards for their citizens, and thus keep CO2 emissions at low levels. The funds earned by falling below the 5.1 tonne quota of course would never be seen by the poor citizens. Most likely these funds would flow into in the hands of corrupt government officials and into anonymous bank accounts in Switzerland.

Readers may think this is some far-fetched idea. It is – and that’s the danger. These things are often hatched by social engineering experimentalists here in Europe and they always seem to grow legs. Don’t underestimate it. Peak and Trade has to be killed.

Another Russian Scientist: Arctic Is Cooling

April 28, 2010

Yet another Russian scientist believes the Arctic is set for cooling and thus increasing sea ice, this reported in the German version of the Russian online news RIA NOVOSTI (see links below). Scientist Vladimir Sokolov says:

The warming that occurred in the Arctic has swung back to cooling and sea ice that melted over the past years is recovering., The English version is here:

Arctic sea ice reached a historic minimum in 2007 when it shrank to 4.28 million sq km. But the trend now appears to have reversed. According to the weather observation administration Roshydromet, it has grown by a fifth reaching 5.2 million square km in 2009, Sokolov said at the Petersburg Research Insttitute for the Arctic and Antarctic on Tuesday.

Sokolov calls predictions of continued shrinking Arctic ice “incorrect”.

He says the cooling is due to the polar night and the associated missing sunlight, and this as a result will lead to ice formation. Some scientists are warning that politicians and corporations who promise lucrative oil and gas projects in the Arctic may have made dramatic miscalculations. The researchers say that no warming will take place, instead cooling will impact the earth over the next decades.

Cameron’s Hypocritical Climate Crusade

April 28, 2010

Recently Hollywood director James Cameron participated in a panel discussion together with economist Tom Friedman, actress Sigourney Weaver, and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. Cameron called Climate Change ‘As Great As The Threat’ U.S. Faced in World War II. To me, watching some Hollywood stars give advice on saving the planet is like watching lumberjacks talk about how to do heart surgery. In both cases the result is the same: the patient dies.

Cameron’s humble abode

Climate protection starts at home. According to more than one source. Cameron’s humbe abode has 8,272 square feet and boasts 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, pool, tennis court and inner courtyard fit for Hollywood royalty – perfect to sit around in with like-minded stars and worry about the “dying planet”, all the while the private jet sits on the tarmac getting refuelled and the chauffeured limousine waits outside. (scroll down)

Making everyone miserable

Perhaps Cameron’s arrogance, hypocrisy and insistence the rest of the working masses sacrifice more while he continues to live high on the hog has something to do with a character disorder.  According to Wikipedia collaborator and author Orson Scott Card calls Cameron, who has been married five times, selfish and cruel. He said working with him was “hell on wheels”.  Card added, “He was very nice to me because I could afford to walk away. But he made everyone around him miserable, and his unkindness did nothing to improve the film in any way”.

Cameron’s real estate visions: community of a half dozen estates

The Incredible Shrinking Print Media

April 27, 2010

Many of us have made complaints about how the MSM is biased and reluctant to cover topics like Climategate and other scandals. Well take heart! People are waking up to the fact that they are being denied information and facts, and as a result they’re turning their backs on the main stream print media. Sure a part of it has to do with bad economic times (can’t blame that on Bush anymore), but another factor is that the internet offers an alternative. Here are the gory numbers for newspaper circulation in the US. Only the conservative Wall Street Journal has made gains. The rest are bleeding massively.

The Wall Street Journal 2,092,523 +0.5%
USA Today 1,826,622 -13.58%
New York Times 951,063 -8.47%
Los Angeles Times 616,606 -14.74%
Washington Post 578,482 -13.06%

Dallas Morning News 260,659 -21.47%
San Francisco Chronicle 241,330 -22.68%
The Star-Ledger, Newark, N.J. 236,017 -17.79%

Read the complete story here:

I’ve always encouraged tree-hugging subscribers to heed the advice from newspapers to cut CO2 emissions. And what better way to begin than to scale back the energy-guzzling industry of newspaper production, distribution and newspaper disposal? This can be done by cancelling subscriptions. This also rescues a lot of trees. So hats off to the tree-huggers out there who choose to save a tree by ending a subscription.

Dr Pokrovsky Replies

April 27, 2010

Dr Oleg Pokrovsky has kindly taken the time to provide further information on his recent remarks, which have been widely quoted. We thank him for doing so. He writes as follows and includes a link to a ppt. presentation (see below):

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for discussion of my conclusions presented at recent IPY conference
occurred in AARI (St.Petersburg, Russia).
My vision of future climate is based on comprehensive analysis of climate index series analysis, which permits to reveal fundamental quasi-periodical oscillations in most components of climate system:
-Solar activity
-SST of ocean (AMO and PDO)
-Surface air temperature
– Surface irradiance
-Ice extent in Russian Arctic Seas
I found that that those are in strong coherence when inter-annual climate noise was removed in each of them
My motivation might be illustrated by a set of figures presented at recent Arctic Frontiers Conference (Tromso, Norway)

Please keep your comments focused on the contents Dr Pokrovsky’s presentation.

Russia: No Climate Deal in 2010

April 26, 2010

A new international agreement to replace the Kyoto environmental protocol will not be signed in 2010, the Russian presidential advisor on climate change has said. Read more:

On April 16, Russian President Medvedev said:

All countries, including developed and developing economies, should reach an agreement, or, if we do not agree on this [the common terms of carbon emissions reduction], Russia will not prolong its participation in the Kyoto agreement – you cannot have it both ways.

German Chancellor Gives Up On Binding Climate Treaty!

April 26, 2010

Merkel No Longer Backs World Climate Treaty

That’s the headline announcing a report in the upcoming issue of Der Spiegel. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is retreating from the objective of reducing global CO2 emissions through a binding global treaty.,1518,691013,00.html

…Merkel wants to avoid another debacle for Germany and Europe in the UN climate negotiations.

According to Der Spiegel, the climate conference that began in Petersberg near Bonn on Sunday shifts the focus to climate protection measures that can lead to measurable results without a binding treaty.

Federal Minister of the Environment Norbert Röttgen of Merkel’s CDU party told SPIEGEL of the new approach:

It’s not about giving up on the 2°C target; rather it is about finding new ways to reach it. At Petersburg  we want to create a new level on which we not only want to reach CO2 targets from the top,  but also to start projects from the bottom that lead to measurable results.

This includes protection of forests and more concrete cooperation in the transfer of environmentally friendly technologies.

Make no mistake about it, without the cooperation of Germany any global binding treaty mandating CO2 reductions becomes extremely unlikely, and that sends a clear signal that global Cap & Trade is all but dead. The US Senate can (and should) now kill Cap & Trade for good.

H/t: Rudolf Kipp at

UPDATE…read the entire Der Spiegel article here in English (h/t Brian H):,1518,691194,00.html